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Spring Patience

Each Spring is so different from every Spring past. This year farmers were in their fields in February, something we've never seen before. Now we all patiently wait as the rain never seems to end. Just as our soil is almost dry enough to work; to plow and make beds; another day bringing almost an inch of rain is upon us. As the Spring Equinox comes and we find ourselves with much longer work weeks and a deluge of tasks to accomplish, each day we find ourselves more in tune with the weather. It controls our days and our weeks at the farm. Any rainy day finds us seeding in the greenhouse and weeding our high tunnels. Dry days find us planting into our early beds (which were covered all Winter to keep dry) and tackling one of our many Spring projects. This Spring we are expanding our mushroom fruiting room, building another tomato high tunnel (we can almost taste them now!), building a shed, expanding our wash station, and trying to get super organized. We finished the shed yesterday just in time for the rain and we were like giddy school children this morning, moving all of our tools and irrigation supplies down into it. Our early crops are planted and in just a few weeks we will be planting our cucumbers and tomatoes into our tunnels. Then the real craziness will begin! We are at 90% capacity for our CSA, so sign-up ASAP if you plan on joining us this year! Early radish harvests from our high tunnels are beginning!

Bed prep for early planted crops

Freshly planted lettuce enjoying the Spring sunshine

A welcome Spring sight, garlic!

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