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Early Bird Signup!

We are thrilled to open up our CSA signup today to all of our members for 2018! As always, we offer 5% off the cost of all of our point based shares and 5% extra added to all of our market share accounts as a thank you for signing up early. Early bird signup ends November 30th. This means that our half share: normally $400, is $380 until the end of November. Full Share: normally $700 is $660 until the end of November. Individual Share: normally $250 is $237.50 until the end of November. For our market share members you will start with an extra 5% in your account! We are offering our box share at another location next year as well. Box shares can now be picked up at the Wrightstown Farmer's market in Wrightstown, PA on Saturdays from 9-1pm. Ten minutes from both New Hope and Washington Crossing! This means you now have 3 options each week of where to pick up your share. We are hoping to make getting your vegetables as easy as possibly next year. Your 2018 share deposit can be made online or brought to CSA pickup. Save even more on your favorite farm share. Click here to learn more and signup today!

Beautiful colored Fall radishes are in the share this week. Give them a try! They add bright color and a cool crisp to salads and only get prettier and sweeter when roasted. We love to roast them with other root crops and toss them with goat cheese! Hopefully carrots and broccoli will be in the share this week, if not they will definitely be around next! They are both almost to size and we're hoping that when we go out there tomorrow morning they are ready to go. This rain today has been a beautiful thing for the crops and for our sanity, we went almost a month without rain! Late Fall Share members, expect an e-mail later this week with all the details for the upcoming late Fall season. We're so excited to have so many of you joining us!

Share Options This Week Spinach/Salad Mix/ Sweet and Spicy Mix- 2 points each OR 2 for 3 points Green Beans- 2 points/quart Kale- 1 point/bunch Scallions- 1 point/bunch Celery- 1 point/each Purple Daikon Radishes- 1 point/pound Scarlet Queen Turnips- 1 point/pound Watermelon Radishes- 1 point/pound Fennel- 1 point/2 heads Tomatoes- 1 point/pound Potatoes- 1 point/pound Broccoli Raab- 1 point/bunch Onions- 1 point/pound Bok Choy- 1 point/each Sweet Frying Peppers- 1 point/ 5 peppers Winter Squash- 2 points/each Garlic- 1 point/ 1/4 lb Beets- 1 point/pound Hot Peppers- 1 point/10 peppers Shishito Peppers- 1 point/quart Baby Ginger- 1 point/each Baby Bok Choy- 1 point/1/4 lb Tomato Sauce/Salsa- 3 points/each

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