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Joining a CSA leads to a deeper connection with your local community.  By joining you are making a commitment to so many precious things including; real healthy food, the environment, sustainability, your community, and your health.  Chemical free, fresh, healthy food is the most important step you can take to improving your health.  Our produce is chock full of vitamins and minerals and is grown to be nutrient dense. Everything is picked right before pickup so it has the most amount of nutrition possible- most produce in the grocery store traveled for days and every day after harvest produce loses more and more nutrients.  

By committing to healthy food, you are committing to cooking healthy for yourself and your family. We provide a multitude of easy recipes each week to make this as easy as possible for you! Not having to worry about what pesticides and herbicides were used on your food is in itself such an amazing thing.

CSA is an amazing opportunity for farmers to know how many people they are growing for each year.  It helps us to purchase supplies crucial to our farm that are needed in the early months of the year.  Having the support of our community members allows us to confidently go into our growing season.

Question 1

What's in a share and why do you do a market style pickup?

Shares change with the seasons, one of the best parts of CSA.  What you eat depends on what thrives in that weather condition.  We mimic Summer temperatures early through the use of tunnels, warming the soil underneath to try to have all our delicious Summer crops as much as possible.  Mushrooms are always available.

Our share is based around a market style pickup to provide the most diversity to our members.  Within each season there are so many crops being harvested and our aim is to allow our members to pick their favorite produce from each season and relish in the crops they love the most.  This way no produce is wasted and you get your dream CSA share.

Question 2

What if I know I have to miss a week or more?

If you know that you will have to miss multiple weeks of pickup, please consider our market share, it was developed just for someone like you!  This share prevents any wasted food or money for those that know they will be away during the growing season.

Box share members who miss a week can have a friend or family member pickup their share.  If we are notified before you go away we typically allow box share members to use a few of their points the following weeks to make up their share.  We always have a double share available the last week when we have many storage crops for anyone that missed a week.

Question 3

Will I know in advance what's in a share?

Every week we send out a newsletter that has everything listed we will have at pickup.  Sometimes due to unforseen circumstances we may not have certain items, but this rarely happens.  Also in the newsletter are recipes for the produce available (especially uncommon items) and farm updates.  Our newsletters help members to plan meals/shopping for their week.  

Question 4

What if I don't know a vegetable or I'm not a big cook?

We're here to help! Every vegetable we provide (and our mushrooms) can be made into super simple recipes.  We provide those recipes through our newsletter and you can always search for a recipe on our recipe page.  Many of our members have found new foods they cherish through trying something new that we grow.  At pickup our members constantly share recipes they've discovered with us and their fellow community members.  As our days are very long in the Summer months we also don't have a lot of time to cook so our recipes are geared towards those that need to prepare meals quickly.  

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