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Election Day!

As we continue pulling out our Winter crops for Winter markets, our late Fall share, and for storage (we have almost 3,000 pounds out, with more to go!), colder temperatures are preparing to settle in. We always feel a bit pressed for time when the colder nights arrive, especially after daylight savings, when there never seems to be enough daylight for everything we have planned. Tunnels need to be finished, more crops need to be covered, and so much more still needs to come out of the field. The difference in temperature between two days is astounding to us sometimes. On Tuesday we were frigid planting garlic and on Wednesday we harvested carrots in tank tops (John may or may not have been farming shirtless, gotta get that last bit of tanning in). In the past week we planted over 5,000 cloves of garlic for next year. We're doing some fun overwintering trials for early Spring crops such as carrots and spinach and are very excited to see how they go. While they require much more time and effort, having that early Spring carrot crunch will be a real treat. Each year we invest most of what we earn back into the farm, to build our future, and to build our business. Our hope is to never have to take out a loan for the farm, even if it means we make less income per year. Farming is a lifelong endeavor for us and all of those walk-in coolers, greenhouses, sheds, tractors, and season extension supplies are sure to last us for many years to come. As our business ends it's 4th year I feel lucky for all the lessons my mom taught me in budgeting, both personally and for our business, and with all the food we have at our fingertips, it's impossible to not feel insanely wealthy sometimes. My mother also taught me about the importance of local elections. As a child I remember her being very active in political campaigns, and she headed the PTO for much of my teenage years on top of working full time and running her church's food pantry. With her guidance and support I have decided to run for school board in Delaware Township. My eventual goal is to run for township council, but that is years down the road. Make sure you all get out to vote on Tuesday November 7th, and if any of you live in Delaware Township (you vote at the Sergeantsville firehouse), please consider voting for me for schoolboard! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. We've been getting quite a few e-mails lately asking about the early bird signup for 2018. It is offered until November 30th. Check out the website here, for more information. Only your $50 down payment is due, the rest of your payment won't be due until the end of next Spring. Baby kale under big skies

Garlic Planting

This spinach should last until April!

Glove season

First time on the ballot!

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