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Late Fall Shares

Vegetable Shares will have cantaloupe in them this week from a local, organic farm. We cannot provide them from our farm due to our immense groundhog pressure but wanted to make sure you all got a taste of the deliciousness that is local melons. Kale and Chard will be back next week and salad mix will be back then too! We are excited to announce that we are adding a limited number of Late Fall Shares to the CSA Season this year in Lambertville. Many of you have asked about a Winter share, which we are planning to add next year, but to start this year we will be offering an additional 7 weeks of fresh produce from November to right before Christmas. Late Fall is the time for crisp greens and sweetened root crops. The share will have just picked spinach and salad mix each week for all of us craving fresh greens when they are no longer available locally. It will also feature carrots, kale, bok choy, garlic, celery, shallots, broccoli, beets, sweet potatoes, turnips, radishes, tomato products, cabbage, lettuce, onions, potatoes, winter squash, sauerkraut, mushrooms, herbs, arugula, and more. All root crops will store in your fridge/cupboard for the entire Winter. We are offering both a Full and a Half Late Fall Share. The Full Share will pickup every week for 7 weeks in downtown Lambertville from 3-6 pm on Tuesdays. The Half Share will pickup every other week for 4 weeks in downtown Lambertville from 3-6 pm on Tuesdays. The Full Share will be $200 and the Half Share will be $120. Shares will be pre-packaged. Sign-up on our website! Payment is due by October 31st. We look forward to extending the season with you all! The Summer Day

Who made the world? Who made the swan, and the black bear? Who made the grasshopper? This grasshopper, I mean- the one who has flung herself out of the grass, the one who is eating sugar out of my hand, who is moving her jaws back and forth instead of up and down- who is gazing around with her enormous and complicated eyes. Now she lifts her pale forearms and thoroughly washes her face. Now she snaps her wings open, and floats away. I don't know exactly what a prayer is. I do know how to pay attention, how to fall down into the grass, how to kneel down in the grass, how to be idle and blessed, how to stroll through the fields, which is what I have been doing all day. Tell me, what else should I have done? Doesn't everything die at last, and too soon? Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

—Mary Oliver SPANISH QUINOA STUFFED PEPPERS Prep time 10 mins Cook time 65 mins Total time 1 hour 15 mins Amazing Spanish-style quinoa stuffed peppers made with just 10 ingredients! Simple, flavorful, full of protein and fiber, and entirely vegan and gluten-free! Author: Minimalist Baker Recipe type: Entrée Cuisine: Mexican-Inspired, Vegan, Gluten-Free Serves: 4 Ingredients PEPPERS

  • 1 cup (168 g) quinoa or rice, thoroughly rinsed and drained

  • scant 2 cups (460 ml) vegetable stock (sub water, but it will be less flavorful)

  • 4 large red, yellow, or orange bell peppers, halved, seeds removed

  • 1/2 cup (120 g) salsa, plus more for serving

  • 1 Tbsp (4 g) nutritional yeast (optional) (or cheese melted on top)

  • 2 tsp cumin powder

  • 1 1/2 tsp chili powder

  • 1 1/2 tsp garlic powder

  • 1 15-ounce (425 g) can black beans, drained (if unsalted, add 1/4 tsp sea salt)

  • 1 cup (168 g) corn, fresh or canned (optional)

TOPPINGS optional

  • 1 ripe avocado, sliced

  • Fresh lime juice

  • Hot sauce

  • Cilantro, chopped

  • Diced red onion

  • Salsa


  1. Add quinoa and vegetable stock to a saucepan and bring to a boil over high heat. Once boiling, reduce heat, cover, and simmer until all liquid is absorbed and quinoa is fluffy - about 20 minutes.

  2. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 C) and lightly grease a 9x13 baking dish or rimmed baking sheet.

  3. Brush halved peppers with a neutral, high heat oil, such as grape seed, avocado or refined coconut.

  4. Add cooked quinoa to a large mixing bowl and add remaining ingredients - salsa through corn. Mix to thoroughly combine then taste and adjust seasonings accordingly, adding salt, pepper, or more spices as desired.

  5. Generously stuff halved peppers with quinoa mixture until all peppers are full, then cover the dish with foil.

  6. Bake for 30 minutes covered. Then remove foil, increase heat to 400 degrees F (204 C), and bake for another 15-20 minutes, or until peppers are soft and slightly golden brown. For softer peppers, bake 5-10 minutes more.

  7. Serve with desired toppings (listed above) or as is. Best when fresh, though leftovers keep covered in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. Reheat in a 350-degree F (176 C) oven until warmed through - about 20 minutes.

Share Options This Week Cantaloupe- 2 points/ each Bell Peppers- 1 point/ 4 peppers Sweet Frying Peppers- 1 point/ 6 peppers Asian Eggplant- 1 point/ 3/4 pound Cocktail Tomatoes- 1 point/pint Delicata Squash- 1 point/each Onions- 1 point/lb Lettuce- 1 point/ each limit one Potatoes- 1 point/ pound Kohlrabi- 1 point/ 1.5 pounds Garlic- 1 point/ 1/4 lb Mushrooms- 1 point/pint Beets- 1 point/pound Green Cabbage- 2 points/each Tomatoes- 1 point/pound Hot Peppers- 1 point/6 Fairytale Eggplant- 1 point/pint Jimmy Nardello Peppers- 1 point/pint (super sweet!!)

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