After The Solstice

“A farm is a manipulative creature. There is no such thing as finished. Work comes in a stream and has no end. There are only things that must be done now, and things that can be done later. The threat the farm has got on you, the one that keeps you running from can until can’t, is this: do it now, or some living thing will wilt or suffer or die. It’s blackmail, really.”- Kristin Kimball, The Dirty Life We've eaten our first cherry tomatoes, the eggplant are growing in size, there are wee baby peppers on the pepper plants. Summer is officially here! It is always strange to me how right when Summer begins the days start getting shorter. I understand the science behind it of course, but it feels like these long days will last forever. Sometimes it feels like they aren't quite long enough as June is when the farming season hits new heights. Bless their heart that they don't get longer though as the weeds are nearly impossible to keep up with right now. The long days make the weeds, and the crops, grow incredibly fast. Our succession plantings start to melt together on these days as well and even though we planted something 2 weeks after something else, the plants grow so quickly that both plantings are ready to come out of the field at the same time. Though August will be just as hot (if not hotter) then June, the shorter days will benefit us immensely in terms of weed control. We're starting a lot of our Fall crops this week in the greenhouse as well. Our Fall broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cabbage and more will get their first go of it in the greenhouse, before they make their way out into the fields in late July. Expect eggplant to be in the share in the next couple weeks, followed by tomatoes and peppers. Before our tomato harvest season begins, we have a neat little treat in the share options this week that some of you may remember from last year. Tomato butter from last season that we got made from our tomatoes! It is a delicious spread, similar to apple butter, and is great on toast or with a cheese plate. ____________________________________________________________________ Going over harvest for the morning

Baby eggplant

Fennel fronds in the morning light

Spiderweb amongst the kale

Wash station supervisors