CSA Shares Begin!

Let the 2017 CSA season begin! The first week of CSA pickup is always a whirlwind both on the farm and off. Over the next few weeks we will all get into the flow of the season (harvests, pick ups, etc). Spring is the perfect time to learn new eating habits and to adapt to to eating locally, seasonally, and fresh. Every crop has its time and we have a whole slew of them coming your way. Be patient, be excited, and enjoy the ride! Enjoy all the benefits of eating fresh, eating seasonally, and eating locally. You'll find your produce is full of more flavor, more nutrients, and more love then ever before. Every day after something is picked it loses nutrients and flavor. You're getting produce picked THAT day, something very special indeed. There are so many food choices that a person must make every single day. Revel in the food choices that the changing of the seasons are making for you each week. Get creative and be inspired, try adding something new into your diet you haven't tried before. Try out the recipes or look for some new ones (tastespotting.com is the perfect source- type an ingredient into the search bar and hundreds of recipes pop up!). Ask questions and be open, you’ll be surprised what you might find as the season unfolds. We love to talk cooking and each week your pick up will be run by the very people harvesting the crops for you. We send out the list of crops we will be harvesting ahead of time to give you the ability to meal plan around our offerings, this helps reduce food waste and ensures you are getting the most out of your share. This first week as you get into the flow of CSA pick up, I (Stephanie) will be there with one of our farmers to help you with whatever you need. After this week you will have either me, John (the co-owner), Cody (our Assistant Manager), or Savannah (one of our interns) to help you with whatever you need at pickup. Every week you will get recipes in the newsletter, as well as the list of produce available to pick from. Please note: the list does change sometimes. There are harvest mornings when we go out to pick a crop and it's just not quite ready, there's not enough, or something happened to it. Usually though we have whatever is listed. Sometimes we do have limits on the amount you can get, this applies to both box share and market share members. This week there is a limit on carrots. We seeded these carrots in February in our high tunnel and are so excited to share them with you all! They are an incredibly delicious, sweet, rare Spring treat. Remember: pick up is byob (bring your own (reusable) bags! Lambertville Pick Up: Monday, 3:30-7 pm (please do not come earlier or later). Parking lot of DeAnna's Restaurant: 54 N Franklin St, Lambertville, NJ 08530 Washington Crossing Pick Up: Wednesday, 3:30-7pm (please do not come earlier or later). Parking lot across from the Visitor's Center: 112 River Road Washington Crossing, PA 18977 Please remember: You can make up missed veggie shares, you just need to let us know in advance. Fruit shares can not be made up. Savannah's really psyched on these amazing carrots

Lettuce growing beautifully

picking those strawberries in the heat last week

Cody and Savannah helping prune tomatoes