The store is open from Monday mornings at 9am until Thursday at 5 pm on the weeks we have market!

If you are a CSA member- please select 'manual' method of payment and enter your card # in the form when checking out. 

Our pickups are: Saturdays, Wrightstown, PA at the Middltown Grange Fair. Pickup is from 9 am-12 pm.


Sundays, Asbury Park, NJ at Kennedy Park/Cross and Orange. Pickup is from 10am-3pm.

Please note: When checking out please enter the location where you are picking up. Either Wrightstown OR Asbury Park. This makes figuring out packing orders a million times easier and prevents mistakes. This is also where you would enter your CSA card #. Please still enter pickup location if you are a CSA member.  Thanks so much!


*there is 3% fee on each order. Credit card companies take 3.5-4% of each payment and as a mostly cash only small farm we decided to apply a fee instead of increasing prices. CSA members will not be charged this fee.

Our Produce is grown with all organic practices.  We value the health of the land we tend, and the customers we feed!

133 seabrook rd, lambertville, nj