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The Growing Season Begins!

Life in the greenhouse!

Though it's been feeling a bit more like Spring then Winter, we've begun our late Winter seeding of some fun early crops we're experimenting with this year. We've also been starting a whole bunch of seeds in our greenhouse. With the warmer temperatures it feels like we should be seeding and planting into our fields, but as we all know the cold weather could come back at anytime in March! We are planting so many things almost a month earlier then usual this year including tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, beets and carrots. This is thanks to low tunnels that we will be constructing as well as our high tunnels. Low tunnels are basically small greenhouses that fit over our beds and keep the soil warm so that our crops can survive the cold early Spring temperatures and grow faster then they normally would this time of year. Early greens, carrots and radishes have been seeded and have just begun to germinate. It's always exciting to see those plants breaking through the surface of the soil on a cold day in February. We also have a new addition to the farm! Tucker, a rescue puppy from Georgia is joining our farm team. He's already our best employee, bringing us tons of joy while seeding in the greenhouse. Our assistant manager Cody starts in a few weeks and we're so psyched to have him join our team! With 4 years of farming under his belt, including time spent at Blue Moon Acres, he's sure to be an incredible asset to the farm. So look forward to seeing tons of him throughout the season!

Life in the greenhouse!

One of the many boxes of seeds that have begun to arrive!

John seeding in the greenhouse

Tucker napping on my carhartt vest in the greenhouse

Irrigating our early carrots!

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